April 26, 2017

I am an avid follower of the 80/20 rule.  We have all experienced the complete BINGE-FEST that follows a period of too strict or restrictive eating.  What makes me cringe though, is when I hear people using the "everything in moderation" moto as an excuse to eat anything they want - whenever they want.  We've all said it, to justify that DQ blizzard or that crave cupcake left in the office lunch room.  But when you eat "everything in moderation" everyday - or several times a day.... that ain't moderation my friend, and you ain't fooling no one.  

I LOVE sweets!  So much so that I feel COMPLETELY unsatisfied unless every meal is followed by some sort of dessert like substance.  We don't need to deprive ourselves but we also don't need to shovel garbage into our bodies to feel satisfied.  

Enter Avocado Chocolate Pudding!  I know some of you just cringed. But trust me on this one!  Avocado by itself is pretty lame/boring/even kinda gross to most peop...

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