December 27, 2018


It seems that everyone who has ever read an article on Pinterest or tried a Kale salad once is now an expert on all things nutrition.  And all these options of course contradict each other.

(Pssst.... read to the end, I've got a little gift for you) 

I say, forget about "who's right" and let's focus on "what's right." Because what gets lasting results is what I'm focusing on in this post.

You know me, I like to cut through the hype (aka - the buuuuuull sh#t) and look at the whole picture.  Food is more than calories.  Different foods contain different enzymes, macronutrients, micronutrients, and at different levels.  All of its elements affect each other and how our body processes food. 

So when someone says banana’s make you fat because they have higher amounts of sugar than other fruit, you need to stop listening to everything out of that persons mouth from that moment on (probably on any topic ever, because they sound like a tool). 


December 16, 2018

“All disease begins in the gut.” 

Hippocrates knew back in 400BC what scientists are just starting to uncover NOW!  It seems like almost every major disease is now pointing to our “microbiome”.  Allergies, pain, cancer, autoimmune diseases, mood and mental health disorders.  I could go on. 

Our gut is the portal to the outside world. It’s where you let in disease-causing bacteria, viruses, parasites, nutrients and toxins. The good and the bad.  The foods we ingest and absorb are the building blocks of EVERY SINGLE part of our body. “You are what you eat” is not just an old saying your grandma use to annoy you with. 

So, let's talk about the roles that your gut and your gut microbes play in your overall health. Then I'll give you tips to improve your gut health (and consequently your overall health) naturally.

Our gut’s role in our overall health

Your gut acts as a gate keeper.  It’s role is to let things in to the blood stream or keep things out.  Absorption of nutrients...

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