November 24, 2019

There are so many things that can go wrong with the skin: dryness, redness, blemishes, psoriasis, eczema, cystic acne…. Need I go on?  

We spend SO – MUCH – MONEY on creams, scrubs and toners to fix our problem skin, but what is happening on the skin is actually a reflection of internal health. These cream and magic tropical potions may be helpful but your skin will never be as healthy as it can be unless you nourish and nurture it from the inside as well.  

Chronic adult acne was one of the main symptoms that first got me interested in nutrition and health.  I was on everything for my skin. Prescription creams, Proactive, Accutane, Anti-biotics. Nothing was permanent.  

It wasn’t until I discovered that I am Celiac and cut out gluten that my skin issues began to resolve.    Who knew that nurturing my digestive health would have such a massive positive affect on my skin AND my wallet!  

Now just because you have skin issues doesn’t mean you are celiac.  Y...

November 17, 2019

Vitamin what? K?


Why’d they skip vitamins F, G, H, I & J?

Great question! 

That's because the "K" stands for "koagulation" which is the Danish spelling for "coagulation." Makes perfect sense…. Vitamin K is the vitamin that helps the blood to clot or coagulate. And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what this amazing, underappreciated vitamin does for our bodies.

It’s one of the four fat-soluble vitamins: Vitamins A, D, E & K.

Let me tell you about all the functions this little powerhouse does for us and which foods to devour to up your Vitamin 401K.  

Once you read this post, you can consider yourself officially in the know about this little-known vitamin.


As I mentioned earlier, the “K” stands for the vitamin’s ability to help clot our blood. And this is a critical life-saving measure to prevent blood loss from cuts and scrapes.

Vitamin K also works hand-in-hand with calcium in the blood. It helps to shuttle the calcium to our bones and teeth where we...

November 10, 2019

Oh, the dreaded head cold. It seems as inevitable as someone falling in love on day 2 of the Bachelor.  The air gets cooler. The sun sets earlier. Your children transform into Snot Monsters bringing all of the germs home.   What is it about sick kids wanting to touch your face or kiss you on the lips all of the time? Seriously, it’s like there is a green booger tax for their snuggles.  

Getting a common cold doesn’t have to be so… common. There are things you can do naturally to make getting sick less likely. 

But, if you do happen to get sick, there are things you can also do to help support your body to fight it off.

Good hand hygiene and overall healthy habits can reduce your risk of getting sick in the first place. And good nutrition can help your immune system fight off a cold quicker. Imagine your germ-fighting immune cells all hungry and tired, versus them being nourished and full of energy. 

And that’s what this post is all about.

First I’ll give you some tips to redu...

November 3, 2019

Guess how many people have high blood pressure? 

A billion! 

It’s said to be the “#1 risk factor for death and disability in the world.

If you have high blood pressure, it's best that you are monitored by your healthcare professional. And if you're on medication for high blood pressure never change that without speaking with a medical professional.

However, heart health is something that responds extremely well to lifestyle and diet changes.  Today, we’ll talk about what exactly blood pressure is, and which foods and other factors can help with it.


You’ve probably had your blood pressure checked at the doctor’s office.  That velcro cuff they wrap around your bicep and inflate until it’s incredibly uncomfortable and you hold your breath, mentally willing your blood to stop coursing nervously through your veins.  Okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic.  

That doctor is measuring how hard your blood is pushing against the walls of your blood vessels.  If...

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