December 8, 2019

If your body was smooth running factory, your thyroid would be more than just the CEO… it would be the gang leader who has pictures of that CEO with another man’s wife.  If you are like, “Shannon, that metaphor doesn’t make sense”, you may be right. What I am trying to say is your thyroid controls E-VA-RY-THING.  

Thyroid hormones help your body regulate a few things - not a big deal - just the metabolism of ALL cells. And this is critical for maintaining a healthy body weight and having the energy to live your life. 

In fact, your thyroid might just be the BIGGEST deal.  

When you don’t have enough thyroid hormone pumping out, it’s called hypothyroidism. This can result in the slowing down of your metabolism and cause difficulty with weight control.  Some of the other symptoms can include fatigue, forgetfulness, dry hair and skin, constipation, muscle cramping, and feeling cold…. Now as I write this I am realizing how many of these boxes I check off.  

An underact...

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Your Thyroid: Foods and Nutrients to Help

December 8, 2019

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