Simple and Healthy Weight Loss Without Sacrificing Wine or Chocolate  


Guide to a Thriving Metabolism

Oh hey!  I'm Shannon.  

I'm a product of a white pasta and margarine generation.  After gaining the freshman 20, I began an epic quest to discover the secrets to health and vitality.  That and how to fit back into my freshmen jeans. I learned that everything I thought I knew about nutrition and healthy eating was a load of crap.  And it was these beliefs that were causing my anxiety, acne and never ending colds. An interest became a passion. And a passion became an obsession to help others rid their bodies of the chemical sh*t storm.  Let me show you how healthy REALLY feels.

What I Ate Wednesday


Recipes that I actually prepare - with 2 crazy kids hanging off of me, so you know they need to be FAST and FOOL PROOF!  We are a gluten free house so feel free to add your own gluten to any recipe you see here.  

Individual & Group Nutrition Counseling


I provide individual customized meal planning, nutrition programs, Healthy Eating Group Seminars and 30 Day Detox programs.

Calgary, Alberta

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