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Simple and Healthy Weight Loss Without Sacrificing Wine or Chocolate  


Guide to a Thriving Metabolism

Oh hey!  I'm Shannon.  

I'm a product of a white pasta and margarine generation.  After gaining the freshman 20, I began an epic quest to discover the secrets to health and vitality.  That and how to fit back into my freshmen jeans. I learned that everything I thought I knew about nutrition and healthy eating was a load of crap.  And it was these beliefs that were causing my anxiety, acne and never ending colds. An interest became a passion. And a passion became an obsession to help others rid their bodies of the chemical sh*t storm.  Let me show you how healthy REALLY feels.

What I Ate Wednesday


Recipes that I actually prepare - with 2 crazy kids hanging off of me, so you know they need to be FAST and FOOL PROOF!  We are a gluten free house so feel free to add your own gluten to any recipe you see here.  

The Thrive Formula


For women who are done with the yo-yo dieting and starving themselves thin.  Who are ready to maximize their metabolism by addressing the root cause of where the weight gain, exhaustion, brain fog and mood swings are coming from.  Apply for a free consult with me for more information about the program.  

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