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About Shannon



Weight Loss

Reducing Belly Fat

Healthy cooking / Meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Gluten and Diary Free Living

Hormonal Balance

This is me. 

Discovering my passion for transforming health through nutrition was a slow road for me... a dirt road with lots of potholes. I was an addictions counselor in a past life. This gave me a front row seat to the extreme affect the things we put into our body has on our mental and physical health.

After a year long stint on antibiotics for a stubborn bout of strep throat, I decided to see a Naturopath. This started my journey to getting my shit together. Turns out you are not suppose to consume 5 lbs of dairy products a day. Who knew? I was amazed at how something as small as cutting out dairy products, could completely change my life. No more hay-fever. Good bye acne. Hello waistline. I was HOOKED!​


From then on my health and my career were on a very different path. The power of nutrition is important but so is balance. Life is too short to eat steamed broccoli. I love to find delicious ways to fuel the body, mind and soul while still feeling satisfied. That is why I created the 12 Week Thrive Program. Because life can feel a whole lot better with a great body, delicious food and a little wine.

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