March 31, 2019

 If there was ever a call for "digestive health," this is it!

Yes, it's true. Your gut is considered your "second brain."

There is no denying it anymore.

And because of the new scientific discoveries about the vagus nerve, the enteric nervous system, and the amazing influence your gut microbes can have, it's no wonder what you eat feeds not only your body but can directly affect your brain.

What exactly is the "gut-brain connection"?

Well, it’s very complex, and to be honest, we’re still learning lots about it!

There seem to be multiple things working together.  Things like:

  • The vagus nerve that links the gut directly to the brain;

  • The “enteric nervous system” (A.K.A. “second brain) that helps the complex intricacies of digestion flow with little to no involvement from the actual brain;

  • The massive amount of neurotransmitters produced by the gut;

  • The huge part of the immune system that is in the gut, but can travel throughout the body; and,

  • The interactions...

March 24, 2019

There are few things I love and hate as much as sugar.  I’ve always had an incredibly intense sweet tooth.  When I was a kid I ate breakfast bowl sized Sundays with all the fixings DAILY for my after-school snack. 

My poor kids are stuck with all natural apple sauce. 

But more and more evidence is showing that the negative side effects of sugar paint a similar story as that of the tobacco industry. 

Almost all diseases, virus, and autoimmune diseases have some link to sugar consumption.  It even affects our mental health!  And this nasty little ninja is hiding just about everywhere in the grocery store. 

Yes, ingesting refined sugar spikes your blood sugar and insulin, and increases your risk for a whole host of issues.

 A while ago, one of the food industry’s responses to the demand for lower-calorie foods that still taste great, was artificial sweeteners.  It made sense.  We wanted to cut out sugar to keep our suave sexy frames but didn't want to give up that sweet...

March 17, 2019

The Coconut Oil Craze - Should I Jump on the Bandwagon Too?

Yes you should (end of post).

But what exactly is it about coconut oil that makes it so healthy? And which type is best?

Let’s dive into some of the fascinating research and find out.


Coconut oil is fat and contains the same 9 calories per gram as other fats.

It is extracted from the "meat" of the coconut. Coconut oil is a white solid at room temperature and easily melts into a clear liquid on a hot day.

The idea of adding coconut oil to your diet is NOT to add on to what you already eat but to substitute it for some of the (possibly) less healthy fats you may be eating now.

And here’s why - Because not all calories or fats are created equal.

Coconut oil contains a unique type of fat known as “Medium Chain Triglycerides” (MCTs). In fact, 65% of the fat in coconut oil are these MCTs.

What makes MCTs unique is how your body metabolizes them;  they're easily absorbed into the bloodstream by your gut, wh...

March 9, 2019

Raw vs. Cooked - Which Contains More Vitamins and Minerals?

Let’s finally put an end to the debate of raw vs. cooked.

Of course, in the grand scheme of a well-balanced, nutrient-dense, varied, whole foods diet, the cooked vs. raw debate isn't that critical for most people.

This becomes a bigger deal for vitamin and mineral deficiencies (or "insufficiency"). So if you are rocking some digestion or absorption issues, or avoidance of certain foods (due to allergies, intolerance's, or choice), you need to give this some attention. 

Like most things nutrition – the answer isn’t simple.  I wish I could say "raw is always better" or "cooked is always better."  But really if I am wishing for things, it would be that salt and pepper Lays were made my hair grow long and my ass stay "toit".  

As with most nutrition science, the cooked vs raw debate depends on several factors. Some vitamins are destroyed in cooking, while others become easier to absorb (a.k.a. more "bioavailable").

Here i...

March 3, 2019

The words “healthy” and “snacks” often appear in the same sentence. 

But that might also bring thoughts of "tasteless," "cardboard," and "completely unsatisfying."


Let me give you my best whole food  snacks that aren't just nutritious but also delicious!

What’s my criteria you ask?

They have to be nutrient-dense whole foods where a little goes a long way; foods that contain protein and/or fibre.

We are going to take these ordinary foods and give them a bit of a spin to make them almost sinful. 


It’s true - nuts contain calories and fat, but they are NOT fattening (with to exception of the “honey roasted” kinds, of course)!

Studies show that people who eat nuts tend to be healthier, leaner and 72% better looking…. Okay I may have made that last one up – but the rest is true! 

By the way, nuts also contain protein and fiber, which means a small amount can go pretty far in terms of filling you up. Not to mention the vitamins and minerals you can get from nuts.

Did you know that almond...

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