June 30, 2019

Multivitamins are exactly what they sound like: multiple vitamins. They're supplements that contain several different vitamins in each one. They can also contain several minerals and other ingredients like amino acids or fatty acids. And because there are multiple ingredients, there are low doses of each ingredient.

They are the most commonly used supplements in the world!

Essential to our health are 13 vitamins and at least 16 minerals. You need certain amounts of all of these nutrients. In fact, nutrient deficiencies can impact reproduction, growth, and regulation of bodily processes.

Lots of people say that if you follow a "balanced diet," you'll get enough vitamins and minerals. I personally would love to believe it … but it's just not true. Many people are eating way too much processed food that is devoid of nutrition. And if you have an underlying gut issue (like me – jealous?) your absorption of these nutrients may be compromised.  There's a lot of research that shows many people j...

June 24, 2019

Does anyone else almost dislocate their eyeballs from rolling them so hard, when someone suggests meditating 20 minutes a day?  Thanks for the hot tips Gwyneth Paltrow, but unfortunately my personal chef is on vacation, my nanny called in sick and it turns out people actually expect me to work more than 3 months a year.  

If I attempted to meditate for even 5 minutes, do you know what would happen?  My kids. That’s what would happen. Those little ninjas can smell me. They would sense my calm and seek to destroy it.  

Meditation sounds lovely.  And if you have figured out a way to make it a part of your daily ritual then you are a superhero in my eyes.  You are a zen mother f’ing badass and you should write a book.  Seriously, people who can make this work are magical unicorns and I want their wisdom.

If you are like me however, and just the idea of taking out extra time in your day to meditate makes you want to pop a valium, then read on my friend.  You are my people.


June 16, 2019

If you don’t love cooking, maybe I can bring the fun party for you.

I know that sometimes I would rather watch someone else’s kids dance recital than cook.  I mean wine always helps, but there are other ways I keep thinks fresh and funky.


Check out new recipes.

Sometimes just seeing the beautiful food photos and reading the recipe can spark some inspiration and fun in your kitchen.

You can head to your local bookstore. Or look up your favourite nutritionists, chefs, bakers, and other online foodies. Maybe do a quick search on Google or Pinterest to see thousands of new ideas.

Check out any of my past blogs for a delicious and healthy Thrive approved recipe at the end of each one!

Perhaps you have some ingredients in your fridge that are just waiting to be eaten.

Searching through recipes can be so fun and inspiring, and can also end up taking waaaay longer than planned. So, consider setting your timer when you start browsing. The last thing you want is to take too much time...

June 9, 2019

The odds are that you or someone you know experiences heartburn. Around half of North American adults experience it at least once per month. Somewhere between 10-20% have it at least once per week!  Heartburn, also known as reflux, occurs when the strong acid in your stomach creeps up into your esophagus.

It can feel like a burning sensation; hence the name "heartburn." Other common symptoms include bloating, burping, difficulty swallowing, or a sore throat. Often there is a bitter or sour taste as well.  Don't get me wrong, stomach acid is good! Stomach acid is essential for good health and optimal digestion. And weirdly enough, most people in North America have too little stomach acid (even if they get heartburn).  

We need the acid in our stomach to protect us against harmful microbes (i.e. bacteria) that lurk in our food and drinks. Stomach acid also helps us break down our food, and digest nutrients. But we need that acid to stay in the stomach, and not get up to our esophagus!


June 2, 2019

Let me ask you this: Have you looked at the ingredients on a food label lately? How about a “processed” food label; like famous brands of cookies, cereals, or snack foods?

Do you have those ingredients in your house? Do you even know what all of those ingredients are?

There are a ton of artificial, chemical, "junky" ingredients in foods these days.  If you see an ingredient called "artificial flavour," what exactly is it?

For the most part, it’s a secret! Seriously! Big food companies don’t want their proprietary flavours to be known, so they’re allowed to say “artificial flavour” and leave the details out.

That alone gets me all “Daenarus burn cities down with dragon fire” rageful.  

But what makes me more upset is what artificial flavours represent when they're in your food.

I’m going to give you the real deal.


When you make an apple muffin at home, what gives it the apple flavour?

Apples of course! Like real, whole, chopped or shredded apples or ap...

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