September 29, 2019

I know, I know.  Meditation is the secret sauce to take your wellness up to the status of the elite gurus. It’s the “be all, end all” for the health of your entire mind-body-spirit. It’s the absolute must-do that is the only path to beating the infamous health-buster called “stress.”  At least that’s what all my Facebook sponsored ads tell me.  

The trouble is – I hate meditation.  

Don't get me wrong; practicing meditation is an excellent approach and it can surely amp up your health and well-being. Meditation is great for relieving and dealing with stress, and all of the issues that come along with it… if you don’t have kids, or a career, or the need to eat or bathe.  JK…. But seriously. Who’s got time for it? And honestly this “stress reliever” stresses me the F out. This is probably a self-fulfilling prophesy, but that is another conversation for another day with my therapist.  

The whole purpose of meditating is to calm the mind and emotions and relax ou...

September 22, 2019

Most people know that migraine headaches can be terrible, but for some reason there still seems to be such a stigma around them.  “Becky called in sick because she has a headache?... Really?” But if you suffer from migraines or know someone who does, you know that they are debilitating!  The pain, vision problems, nausea, can leave people curled up in the fetal position praying for the sweet release of death - especially if they stick around for hours or even days.

Migraines affect about 15% of adults, so they’re fairly common. And, while the exact cause is not known, there are lots of known triggers.  You may have noticed certain foods, and drinks trigger your migraines. Sometimes the migraine comes on within an hour after eating or drinking a certain food. Other times it may happen several hours, up to a day later. Figuring out your triggers and avoiding them can be life changing!

One of the main ways these foods and drinks trigger migraines is by their action on the blood vessels...

September 15, 2019

Water is essential for life. You can only survive a few days without it. If you didn’t know that before then the movie 128 Hours sure solidified that for all of us #shudder. Being hydrated is essential for health. I could argue that water is the most essential nutrient of them all. Water is needed for every cell and function in your body. 

Water is a huge part of your blood; it cushions your joints and aids digestion. It helps stabilize your blood pressure and heart beat. It helps to regulate your body temperature and maintain electrolyte (mineral) balance. And that's just a few of its roles.

Dehydration can impair mood and concentration, and contribute to headaches and dizziness. It can reduce your physical endurance, and increase the risk for kidney stones and constipation. And trust me, know body likes you when you are constipated.  Extreme dehydration can even cause heat stroke. 

So, water is critical for life and health. 

But, just as way too little water is life-threatening, so...

September 8, 2019

Turmeric is the bright yellow spice that stains your counter tops when your making curry – but have you ever seen it in its natural form?  It is a rhizome that grows under the ground and looks a lot like ginger but it usually much smaller. It has a rich, bright orange color and is used in many foods. Originally used in Southeast Asia, it’s a vital component for traditional curries. You can find dried powdered turmeric in the spice aisle of just about any grocery store. Sometimes they carry the fresh rhizome too.

Turmeric contains an amazing anti-inflammatory, antioxidant compound called "curcumin.” The amount of this bioactive compound is around 3-7% by weight of turmeric. Curcumin has been studied like crazy for its health benefits. Many of these studies test curcumin at up to 100x more than that of a traditional diet that includes turmeric.


There are dozens of clinical studies using curcumin extract (which is way more concentrated than ground turmeric).


September 1, 2019

Protein is not just for great skin, hair, and nails; it's critical for health. Without it, you wouldn't be able to repair damage, digest food, fight infections, build muscle and bone, create hormones, and even think and have good moods. Without it there would be no more “swole” and then where would all those juice monkeys the Bachelorette be?  

Higher protein diets can help fight high blood pressure, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Not to mention protein's great benefits for metabolism boosting, keeping us feeling full, and weight management.

Protein is life giving, and this is a given.


There isn’t a real rule that applies equally to everyone. There are a few factors to consider when figuring out how much protein you need.

Start with the minimum recommendation of 0.8 g/kg (0.36 g/lb) per day.

So, for a 68 kg (150 lb) healthy non-athlete adult, this is about 55 g protein/day. 

Mind you, this is a minimum to prevent protein deficiency. It's not optimal for good repai...

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