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Welcome to the Podcast!
Mindset & Metabolism Mastery

If you are tired of being at war with your body, are DONE with fad diets, and are ready to change your relationship with food and lose weight in a healthy and empowered way, then you're in the right place.


With the necessary skills and tools to understand your body and your mind, you can approach weight loss in a way that is loving and sustainable, not punishing.

Each week, Holistic Nutrition Consultant and behavioural expert Shannon Hagel shares practical tips, tools, and strategies to help you approach weight loss without any of the calorie restriction nonsense. 


You will discover how to repair your broken metabolism, and learn to really listen to what your body is telling you.


We'll focus on the root cause of where your weight loss resistance is coming from, and empower you to understand your mind, rebalance your hormones, and rewire old habits and patterns that are sabotaging your best intentions and stopping you from feeling fabulous AF in your skin. 

New episodes release every Thursday so be sure to follow the show!


  • Ep #1: The New Formula for Forever Weight Loss: What’s one thing you can start doing right now to begin losing weight and keeping it off? It isn’t counting calories or a complicated diet plan. It’s actually a simple mindset shift that allows your brain and body to work together, so you can start living in a body that you feel truly confident in.

  • Ep #2: Understanding Hormones and Weight Loss After 40: The most common frustration I hear from my female clients struggling with their weight is that "everything changed after 40." Weight comes along a lot more easily, and it’s a lot more difficult to get off, despite not changing anything with your exercise or diet. But the truth is, the rules of your body have changed, and you need to start changing with them.

  • Ep #3: Lose Weight Without Relying on Willpower: Something I hear regularly from women just like you is that you know about the nutritional side of losing weight, but you just need to do a little better at keeping yourself in line. You just need to be better at applying willpower. But how do you actually create sustainable results when your willpower tank is empty? 

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