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How to Burn More Fat by Eating MORE Calories

Think back to when you’ve had a big event coming up. A winter getaway. A wedding. A dinner with your ex. What is priority numero uno for the weeks leading up to it?

Dropping a dress size? Slimming down? Looking hot AF so that asshole knows from the second he looks at you that you are WAY better off without him, and he will never have a chance with you again because you are obviously WAY to good for him now and have carpal tunnel from all that Tinder swiping?….. Or something along those lines ;)

What has been your game plan in the past? Tighten things up by cutting things out? Doing double headers at the gym? Giving up alcohol….. Ugh… shutter. Chances are you tried at one point or another to drop a few pounds by restricting your calories. It is the number one thing people try when going on a “diet”. Eat less weigh less. Calories in = calories out. Makes sense on paper. But you can’t always use math to understand biology.

How does calorie restriction actually feel?

Dig up those repressed memories of weighing your food or counting out eight tiny almonds. Do you remember how you felt during that belly fat crusade? My guess is you were hungry ALL. DA. TIME. You were super tired. Some MIGHT have called you a bitch (not me - obviously. I think you are delightful). Your mood was all over the map. And your cravings were so bad that if someone offered you an Oreo in exchange for your first born, you would have written a pros and cons list.

Usually this “super healthy diet” ends in an epic binge cycle of junk food, bread, or alcohol.

It’s not your fault.

No one can survive of self control forever.

But here is the thing. Calorie deficit is NOT what creates fat loss. We’ve all heard of “starvation mode”. When our body suddenly gets fewer calories, it panics. It goes back to caveman days. It thinks “Lord, Jesus. I don’t know when I’m going to get another Brachiosaurus egg. I better hold on to every last calorie I have so I don’t waste away and die of starvation.”

It goes into Fat Storing mode, turning everything it can into fat so that it has reserves for later.

So what does create fat loss? And how do you lose fat without ending up in a binge and restrict cycle? You move from Fat Storing Mode into Fat Burning Mode.

Next week I am going to go deep into how to get into Fat Burning Mode, in my FREE webinar “The Secret to Losing Belly Fat without Giving Up Wine or Chocolate”. So you can burn MORE fat without restricting calories. Register here to save your seat. Avoid having to sit on your hands at the next Christmas party so that you don’t devour the whole appetizer spread.

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