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Ep #7: Gut Health, Hormones, and Strengthening Your Metabolism

For your body to function optimally, you need to be able to process and absorb the nutrients you’re consuming in food. So while it may seem unrelated, the link between your metabolism and your gut health is stronger than you think. Good gut health is actually the key to developing a stronger, quicker metabolism that helps you lose weight.

If you suspect that you have a slow metabolism or hormonal imbalance but you’re not focusing on healing your gut, then you’re trying to build a house on a pile of quicksand. Your gut health is the foundation you need to set for optimal metabolic function, ignore it and you are ensuring a rollercoaster ride of hormonal havoc and metabolic mayhem.

If you’re ready to create a solid foundation for a strong metabolism and healthy hormones, don't miss this episode. You’ll learn the signs that your gut needs a little extra attention, the habits you have that are currently impacting your gut health, three vital gut issues that slow down your metabolism and contribute to weight gain, and some simple habit changes to help you start strengthening your metabolism and improving your overall health.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How your hormone balance directly impacts your waistline.

  • Why it’s possible to have gut issues without ever noticing the symptoms in your toilet bowl.

  • The 3 most common gut issues that impact women’s health and weight loss.

  • How to see whether you’re unknowingly struggling with one of these gut health issues.

  • The not-so-obvious signs that your gut needs some TLC.

  • How to identify the habits that are currently sabotaging your gut health.

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